Thursday, August 7, 2008

Little Kidman/Urban is a FLATOUTbear fan

Last week one of my friends told me some wonderful news! She Chairs an organization in Los Angeles called Australians in Film and they had bought a FLATOUTbear from us to give to Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban for their new arrival – daughter Sunday Rose. Nicole is one of the organizations ambassadors and they knew I would be thrilled to hear about her thank-you note that reads as follows:

“To all at Australians in Film, thank you, thank you for the gorgeous gift. We had honestly been looking for a flat bear so we were thrilled to receive one!”

As you may know FLATOUTbears are Australian flat teddy bears made from shearling and have become a hit in the USA. Its lovely to know that our countries other exports – Nicole and Keith – will have a little piece of Australia for their daughter. Nicole goes on to say in the note, “We are in awe of our little baby girl! I look forward to seeing you all soon when we get in gear for Australia (the movie)”.

Well Nic and Keith – we are in awe of you too! Thank you for the lovely note!