Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Don't Ignore Earth Day - its no trend

I was a little horrified today to go to my office buildings “Earth Day” celebration only to find each vendor giving away sheet after sheet of paper promoting their wares. It really took me by surprise given how easy it is to just take email addresses and send out a paper free product to all those who want to know about your company! They should have added a recycling trashcan near the regular trashcan, so all those leaving the displays could at least recycle the paper that they were now throwing away! Hikes.

So with that in mind, I decided to use my computer (yes its very easy to do) and did some research on Earth Day. I was very surprised to find out it had been around for 39 years having began on April 22, 1970.

It's meant to be a day to reflect on our planet, our environment and what we can do to help keep them healthy.

Back in 1970 following Earth Day this is what was achieved:

The Environmental Protection Agency was established later in 1970.
The tough Clean Air Act of 1970 was passed with only a handful of dissenting votes in both Houses of Congress.
The Federal Occupational Health and Safety Act aimed at "in-plant pollution" was passed by a coalition of labor and environmental groups.
Within the next three years, such landmarks as the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act were passed.

So how is that 39 years later, we are still uneducated enough to have an “Earth Day” where we hand out flyers and waste so much paper for no real benefit to our earth?

So today – I ask you to stand up and be counted and do one thing today (or tomorrow) over and above what you usually do for our planet. Hang your washing outdoors to dry, don’t water the garden, start a compost pile instead of throwing away your scrap vegetables, walk or catch the bus to work and make sure your office is recycling waste paper. We know so much more now about the damage we are doing to our environment, so please (I BEG YOU) be counted this “Earth Day” and make a change.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Summer Dressing - Saucy Indeed

Los Angeles hit 100 degree’s today – the hottest day in 95 years in downtown LA!! Ouch. So in my hot sweaty state, I started to dream about things like pools, swimming and cute summer dresses and found some of the cutest things ever online!! has the cutest spring dress and its called the Kensington Gardens Dress. Named after one of the most beautiful Royal Parks in London, this silky dress is bursting with the beauty of Spring. Featuring an extravagant bow over its ruffled wrap design, this pale pink strapless dress is one elegant original. From the bright pink wildflowers to the colorful daisies and clover, the dainty floral print will look perfect at your next garden party.

I then found the most amazing bird bath – they like water on days like this too – but its actually a cake stand! Visit Whitneysmith’s shop on for a piece of summer you can eat.

One of my favorite American designers is Kayce Hughes and she has outdone herself this summer with a vintage hanky dress that takes you right back to the 50’s! I am in obsessed with this dress.

In the same family of amazing designers is the label Necessityisthemother’s shop which is on – they make the cutest pinafore dresses that are both classic and sexy and absolutely summer.

Bring on the hot weather summer, with this collection who would want any other season!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sleepless in Los Angeles....but motivated...

I would love to say I woke up this morning tired but the truth is you can’t wake up when you never got to sleep. Hence, today coffee is my best friend. Our little Bob Cat (the most expensive rescue in the world aka big vet bill’s kitty) decided to have some little seizures at 1.30am and I spent most of the night sitting by his side debating about rushing to the vet or sitting with him and seeing how things progressed. He is still a bit twitchy this morning but ate his breakfast and was watching the birds at our feeder, so I will wait to later in the day to get him to his vet. While this has nothing to do with luxurious baby products – he is my baby and I think its important to share my state of mind (in this case delirious and a little out of it) when blogging.

Prior to the Bob-isode, I had a wonderful night and went to a SMARTY LA get together. SMARTY is a community of 400 entrepreneurial women who share resources with one another, learning together and opening doors to do business together. The event provided me with some great ideas and new relationships for some fun giveaways Cute-ture will be doing with some SMARTY women in weeks to come.

One of the exciting things that came out of this event for me was hearing about how businesses are adapting to the current economic environment in creative ways to not only survive but grow and have more success than ever. And I love that women are leading the way! If you have a business or are looking to start one, I suggest checking out SMARTY and finding your way into a community that you can trust that will nurture your business with you.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Falling in Love Etsy Style

I have fallen in love with Etsy. No – Etsy is not a woman but an incredible website that provides a very unique shopping experience for those with impeccable taste!

Etsy is an online marketplace for buying and selling things that are handmade and it has attracted the most amazing crafters, designers and retailers. There are 100,000 sellers from all over the world but what is super cool is that you can choose how you search through those sellers. For example – if you are an eco conscious chick (as you should be!!!) then you can choose to shop locally on Etsy.

Or if you are obsessed with French vintage – you can click on vintage and then search by French. Brilliant is all I can say

The prices are amazing and the goodies are the best I have seen anywhere considering it is a collective group of strangers from around the world.

These are a collection of goodies I found in a 30-second search last night.