Funny, don't you think, how once you join the ranks of motherhood, you become desperate for all that motherly advice you shunned growing up. My mother told me once, "if you want to hear god laugh tell him your plan."  No truer words were spoken when my much longed for second child was another boy – I never even considered I'd not have a girl. We asked some of Australia's most successful and inspirational women, to share the best advice their mum every imparted to them.

Natalie Bloom, Bloom Cosmetics Founder
"It was not so much a single piece of advice, but rather my mum's example that has given me the ability to embrace the extraordinary balancing act of being both a mother and a businesswoman. She showed me that you can sustain focus and energy at the office, and then know when to flick the 'dimmer switch' and be a mother at home."
Dr Janet Hall, Clinical Psychologist
"My mother told me to never leave a job unless I had a better one to go to. She taught me to never believe promises about possible jobs until I was absolutely certain that I had it. She also advised me to never leave my own home but to make my partner leave if we were having a conflict. This was the framework she followed living through the days of the depression after the Second World War."

Eva Galambas, Owner Parlour X
"The best advice that I hold true was my mum's expression: "Never let anyone know exactly what you have or don't have, this way people will maintain confidence in you, no one can ever become jealous and it allows you to maintain a sense of humility without judgement."

Donna Hay, Celebrity Chef
My mum always said, "At the end of the day you have to do what makes you truly happy."

Miranda Kerr, model and founder KORA Organics
"My mum always said, "don't do anything unless you put your whole heart into it" and that is exactly how we run the KORA Organics business and why mum is the general manager."

Gail Elliott, Fashion Designer Little Joe Woman
"The best advice my mother ever gave me was to always be well mannered and to treat people the way I like to be treated."

Megan Morton, Interiors Stylist
"What about all the advice my mother didn't tell me? Like how much fun work can be truly be, which is something I will pass onto my little ladies. What mum did say however was, "only do the things you are good at, other people are good at the rest and can prop you up". My mum is an excellent delegator and this is why I don't cook anything other than breakfast."

Kate Waterhouse, Fashion Expert
"My mother [famous horse trainer Gai Waterhouse] told me the golden rule in life is to always treat others with respect as you never know where you might meet them further down the track in your life."

Renya Xydis, Celebrity Hair Stylist
"When my first child was born my mother said to me: "What's the point of two women raising one child?  You go back to work and I'll take care of the baby."

Colette Dinnigan, Fashion Designer
My mother was extremely wise. She would always things like say: "It is  important to note that money doesn't make a man however manners and respect do and it is also important in life to have balance, so laugh as life is about living. But most importantly she would always say to me, "one day you will be a mother and you will understand." Then I had my beautiful daughter Estella and that always reminds me of my mother's wise words. "