Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Reading Green

I love reading. There just isn't enough time in the day to read as much as I would like, but when I do get the time, it feels like a little luxury that I just melt into.

I get lost in books and love the worlds that they can take me too - and it doesn't matter whether its fiction, non fiction, children's stories or a newspaper. They all are very special to me - after all I grew up in a family that would all sit down together for a meal with reading material in hand (even if it was the cereal box!)

Hence, I have plenty of books and am already collecting delightful children's books for our future child! That is why I love the book ends from Cocoon Couture!

These delightful book ends come in a choice of Early Bird or Cheeky Squirrel designs (I have both in my children's bookcase) and they are beautifully crafted cut out designs with the simplicity of the wood grain allowing them to shine.

They are made from environmentally friendly ply wood from plantation forests; beautifully finished with non toxic varnish safe for children and the environment and they come in adorable recycled cardboard packaging!

Best of all - they will be available for sale next month at Cute-ture and in the best children's boutiques in the USA!

P.S. If you have a book that you love - let me know so I can add it to my list of reading material!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Is Everybody Pregnant??

I recently made the bold statement to my staff, "what is everybody pregnant now" after hearing that another one of my friends has very happily been declared knocked up.

It literally has been 12-months in my life where all my girlfriends are getting the wonderful news that their family is growing. While I realise that it is most likely my age (mid 30's is obviously the time) and its exactly what I need for a business based on baby products, it has come as such a surprise to so many friends pregnant at the same time.

I called one friend yesterday who is on bed rest hoping that junior won't arrive until the weekend, then my husband checked in to see if we can go this weekend to visit his sister who is due next month, and then tonight my sister in law calls to let me know number 2 is on its way! All in three days.

While none of this is actually very unusual really, it has been a little bit awkward at times - and mostly for my friends, who knowing how much Joey and I have been through to try and get our family started, stumble over how to tell us they are pregnant.

So I thought my blog may be the best way to share how this feels especially for those of you who find yourself in either position.

I am THRILLED to have those I love happy - and extra excited that I will have a new baby to spoil rotten even if its not my own (actually I think I would be a strict mum so its much better to go crazy on my friends babies and buy them loads of toys and clothing). Definitely, it makes me reflect on my own situation but never does it interfere with my happiness for those who are sharing their special news. It just makes me even more anxious to be the one to share that news someday soon too.

So in answer to my own question - no not everybody is pregnant. But I for one, am very happy to be surrounded by those that are and share in their joy and futures. This is one Aunty that you want around!