Monday, July 28, 2008

Celebrity Fix

I am not really sure why but I seem to be getting my 15 minutes of celebrity fix lately! From De Niro and Pacino last week at my house to Seal at the gym and a hot tub with the all so fabulous Carson Kressley this week. Its really just to much!

I have started working out with a trainer during the week and have been going to the special 'trainer' gym in West Hollywood where the most amazing people get all sweaty! I don't really recognise them but that is my trainers job - along with pushing past my complaining! He keeps me going while letting me know the fabulous person running for their life on the treadmill is none other than Katherine McPhee of American Idol fame or Seal (both working out very hard let me tell you). It really makes my pain during work outs feel a little less sharp knowing that those fit celebrity bodies are made from hard work and not a birthright.

Then on the weekend, Joey and I went to a friends house for a dip in the pool and suddenly I am enjoying the most amazing peach sangria which was hand delivered while I am sitting in the hot tub by the 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's' (along with 'Crowned' and 'How to Look Good Naked') very own Carson Kressley. He is a close friend of our friend Brett and was such a great guy and totally the life of the party and a charming host.

It still amazes me almost 5 years into life in LA that this seems to happen so regularly! I have to remember to pack some great Cute-ture products into the car to whip out at the gym for Heidi and Seal next time! Nothing like a bit more motivation to work out.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hanging Out with De Niro and Pacino

"What?" I hear you say....Well yes.

As you may know Joey and I bought a renovator in LA and things have been going pretty well. Dad has visited and done his share of work with Cute-ture and in the gardens (come back soon Pops), we managed to get onto a reality show "Change That Room with Christopher Lowell" which airs this weekend and now we are graced with the presence of two legends - Robert (Bob to his friends) De Niro and Al Pacino who are hanging out in our living room while they make a movie in our street. Somehow we managed to get our house picked as the green room for these incredible actors so they can hang out between shots.

But even more exciting (for me anyway) they are using my husband as a Detective in tonight's shoot. So both my house and husband are working with Pacino and De Niro. Whooo haaaa!

So in dedication to my brush with celebrity today - I thought the product of the week should be the Space Hopper! Why - because its fun, bright and absolutely matches my fun mood with all that is going on. So jump on up and grab a pair and race around your block. Now if Robert De Niro and Al Pacino had a space hopper race who do you think would win.....

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm Nearly 3!

I was so lucky to get back to Australia recently on a work trip and get to spend a little bit of time catching up with family. I was so excited about seeing my 2-year old nephew Jude!

I went to my brother Julian's house and as his wife Davina and Jude arrived back from getting some groceries I went up to the car and our conversation went something like

Tracey: Hi Jude
Jude: Hi Tracey (I was so happy he remembered me from 6 months before)
Tracey: I can't believe how much you have grown
Jude: (indignant look on face followed by a sigh) Well I'm almost 3!!!! (walks past me with hands on hips)
Julian: Jude give your aunty a hug.
Jude: (looks at me and decides) Oh.. Ok. (Hug is given though not sure I am forgiven for thinking he is a little 2-year old)

It was a nice reminder for me that children even as young 2 (or as old as nearly 3) have their own mind set on their place in the world. Jude and I had a lot of fun - he beat me on Wii Bowling, I read him about 18 books in a row until my brother rescued me from the marathon session I had unknowingly committed to, we shared some cheese and mostly I did what I was told!

It really motivated me to think about what children in those early years are seeing, feeling and thinking and to look at new products in terms of how a child can be inspired by them. Our Oobi Baby line falls beautifully into that category as do the FLATOUTbears which are still my 'nearly 3-year old' nephews favorite lovies. Our new season will hopefully not only attract the eyes of mums and dads but also the decision makers (yes the nearly 3-year-olds who are picking what they want to wear!)