Friday, October 12, 2012

I Wear My Pants On the Outside

A friend of mine recently sent me a funny Facebook message which said I wear my underpants on the outside. It was in reference to taking on another new project (Business School) and it really made me laugh as she is right. Only a nutter or a superhero would take on as much as I have. And while I would like to think I belong to the second category rather than the first....I think its a bit of both. I'm a mother, wife, business woman, business owner, mother to 9 animals and now I am squeezing in a little university on weekends. Bahhhhahahahaha. Okay I am nuts. But nutty in a superhero costume way especially since its almost Halloween. So to all you overachieving mama's - wear your underpants proudly on the outside this October.  xx