Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We Are Moving!

This weekend we move to our new offices which are almost finished being built! That's right....almost! With the lease of our current building finishing on Monday, we have run out of time and hence rain, hail or shine we load up the trucks from Friday and start loading our office and warehouse ready for their new home (and our new home).

I have no doubt by Monday we will have a lot of new bruises to show and hopefully we will be up and running online (that is if the electricity goes on)....

We have built the new location from scratch so are really excited about our new digs which are basically a blank canvas ready to be Cute-ture'ed! Best of all, its so close to our home, that we literally have a 30-second walk to work. Yipppeeee. The downside is that its very close to home...

Stay tuned for photo's of the move and our new Cute-ture home!

Tracey, Joey, Drover, Amber and team

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Space Hopper World Record - lets break it!!!

We also have new photo's of the gorgeous Gibbon's baby that I will post tomorrow! Stay tuned and getting ready to bounce your way into the record books!

Even Baby Ape's Love FLATOUTbears

Some time ago my father was visiting me in Los Angeles and I had signed up to do some volunteer work at the Gibbons Conservation Center and happily he came along. We spent the afternoon clearing brush away from the enclosures to keep the gorgeous singing ape's safe from any fire outbreaks.

I fell in love with the Gibbons and their gorgeous antics while there so was especially touched to see this photo which Prue (the FLATOUTbear founder) sent me!

About Gibbons

Native to the dwindling rain forests of Southeast, South, and East Asia, gibbons are arboreal and considered to be among the world's greatest acrobats. They have the ability to swing from tree to tree distances of 50 feet, at speeds of up to 35 mph, while in trees 200 feet above the ground. This mode of locomotion--swinging under branches while suspended by their hands--is called brachiating. Gibbons are one of the few monogamous primates, and whether on the ground or in the trees, they are known for their dexterity and ability to walk upright. Often referred to as the "songbirds" of the primate family and the most musical land mammal, gibbons can project their voices up to 2 miles through the dense rainforest canopy. Unfortunately, their natural habitat is being destroyed at the alarming rate of 32 acres per minute! This destruction shall guarantee the disappearance of their melodious songs as well.

For more information on Gibbons and how you can help them - visit the Gibbons Conservation Center

Additionally - if you order a FLATOUTbear from during August - we will donate 100% of the profit to the Gibbons Conversation Center!