Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween Arrives at Cute-ture

Adorable kids Halloween items have arrived in store at Cute-ture. Enjoy a blog 25% discount by using code: Spooky until October 15th, 2010.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Meet the Designer - Ingrid Daniell from Cocoon Couture

Meet Designer Ingrid Daniell

Designer Ingrid Daniell of Cocoon Couture started her company in 1994 and not long after the label took its first baby steps into a select number of unique children's boutiques across Melbourne and Sydney. From these early beginnings Cocoon Couture soon gained momentum and a loyal following.

What inspires your designs?
So many things inspire my designs, number one would be my children, my many and constant vintage (flea market) finds and treasures from my childhood. Children’s book illustrations of the 50’s 60’s 70’s …. And now!, Tovve Jannson, would have to be my favourite childrens illustrator. My bursting vintage fabric collection, toys, opp shopping (flea markets!)…

What color do you love right now?
Yellow is making me smile!

What are you currently reading?
The Big Twitch, by Sean Dooley an Australian bird watcher/comedian…very funny and inspiring read…thinking of my next bird bean bag!

How would you describe your own personal style?
I would have to say I eclectic with control…if that makes sense? I love knick knacks and a my walls covered with art work that inspires me. I also love to have space and white walls to show off my ‘collection’ of art and interesting pieces.

What is your favorite city/location/destination?
I would have to say Paris for an international city to visit…But for local I just love getting up to Melbourne! It is a great city with so much culture, music and great food…living down the coast is wonderful, but I feel so lucky to live so close to Melbourne, it grounds me and inspires me!

What’s your favorite find right now?
Well I have just found a beautiful table for my studio, it is a small round top, made from hard wood and is circa 1970’s. it is just what I was looking for! I found it at the Mill Antique Market in Geelong.

Who is your favorite composer, or what is your favorite music genre for when you are designing?
I do love my music and find that I often listen to my latest purchase; I am a bit of a rock chick so tend to have something mellow on in the back ground when I am in the studio. Nick Cave often makes his way onto my play list and I guess my favourite music genre would be post punk.

What is your favorite dessert?
Tiramisu…yum coffee mascarpone cheese and a sprinkling of cocoa!

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?
No matter what I do my children and their happiness are and continue to be my greatest achievment, but I guess they are not really mine to achieve; so I would have to say building my brand Cocoon Couture!

Who are your heroes?
My husband, my boys Flynn and Archer, my parents and grand parents who gave me every opportunity to live my life to the full.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
An actress or a fashion designer!

What's been your most exciting/fulfilling/wonderful moment since launching?
Mmmm there are so many but I actually would have to say when we launched cocoon couture in the US and in Scandinavia that was possibly one of the most exciting times for me and Cocoon Couture!

Do you have a favorite product from the range?
I still love our bean bag, it is the first product that I designed and with so many colours and critters to choose from it always makes me smile!

And, please complete the following:
If I were surprised with a gift of $1,000 cash, I would use it to: ( you know this is so hard to answer!) take the family away for a warm mini break in Byron Bay!
Cocoon Couture Little Foxy Bean Bag Cover in Light Blue and Red Cocoon Couture Little Fox Kinderbag BackpackCocoon Couture Red Reindeer Holiday SackCocoon Couture Cheeky Squirrel BookendsCocoon Couture Enchanted Forest TreeCocoon Couture Swinging Santa Holiday Sack Mint