Monday, November 30, 2009


Our new site is going live in a matter of days and working with the colors and images for the new site has really been inspiring me lately. Below are some of the lovely palettes and gorgeous products you will find at in coming days.

We found this gorgeous model Makena who is the perfect fit for our range. We adore all of the images of this cutie pie. We have new Alimrose squeakers and rattles and maybe its the girl in me but I love the kitties and bunnies.

Quilt's and fluffy teddy bears. Nothing says comfort and cuddles more! Just makes me want to melt into a big bed in front of a fireplace.

Two seats! One for falling into with a great book and one for bouncing on like a bunny rabbit! Great gifts for the holidays.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We Heart Chasing Fireflies

Check out the cutest Cute-ture at Chasing Fireflies!! Seriously cute.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Free Shipping Tuesday

Free Shipping Tuesday

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Does Mommy Love It? Let's ask?

Cocoon Couture from blog Does Mommy Love It?

Does Mommy Love it are holding a competition to win a beanbag courtesy of Cute-ture. See their blog below and click here to read the entry rules!

I never imagined a beanbag could bring so much delight to my little toddler. Cocoon Couture vintage fabric beanbags is one of son’s favorite objects in his room. They are structured to adjust into a chair-like position as you sit in them. Because of this, it is now used as “the spot” for reading books. When I sit there, my son gallops quickly onto my lap and assumes the position for story time! This beanbag has provided such a wonderful bonding time for us.

When it isn’t being used as a reading spot, my son enjoys prancing on it with giggles and smiles. We have the sandy owl appliqué on our beanbag, which is absolutely adorable. I love that the 100% cotton pinwale cord cover is machine washable. The beans are sold separately making this a bit pricey. However, the safety lining makes for longevity and durability.

Cocoon Couture designs the most luxurious accessories for children. Another one of my favorite products is their height charts. They are printed on cotton linen with three wooden pegs to write your child’s name on to keep track without marking the wall hanging. So adorable! Cocoon Couture products are definitely a must-have. You can purchase these from this site.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First Give Away of the Holidays

Enter to win a Oobi Blanket (Striped Bunny Rug) in stripe print! Comment
below and share the name of your favorite children's holiday story or a memorable holiday moment. You may be the one curling up under this soft and snuggly blanket with a good read of your own! Enter before 6pm pst by December 1st, winner selected randomly and announced evening of December 1st.

Remember to leave your email with the comment (we remove this before it posts - its just so we know how to reach you). Good luck!!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's the Holidays...almost

I have a nice long break coming up in December and for some reason I am trying to remind myself that my holiday hasn’t started just yet.

I am walking around the office singing holiday jingles “its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas….” and feeling rather jolly rather than crazy busy like I usually feel.

Maybe its because my dad is in town visiting and I always feel like his little girl when he is around. We have our first big holiday celebration this weekend – the annual ‘pre-Thanksgiving’ dinner with all of our friends in Los Angeles. We are having 70 people over for a pot luck Thanksgiving feast! Yummmy!

In my holiday spirit I thought that today’s blog should include a photo of our newest model – my nephew Jeff Junior who is super adorable in his overalls and with the reindeer hopper. Actually he is just 100% adorable no matter what he is wearing but add some Cute-ture and he becomes edible!

Happy Pre- Holidays!