Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh No Not ANOTHER sale (but oh yes - this one is GOOD)

I have never seen so many sales in my life (and I am a woman who loves a sale).... So not to be out done - Cute-ture is rocking the sales world and having our own sale.

Why is this one different....

Because we are already wholesalers - so this is a sale OFF wholesale prices - as in - it doesn't get better than this.

And if nothing else - just come and say hi - we are a lot of fun to hang out with.

Cute-ture opens its doors to public for first ever sale.

For the first time ever, Cute-ture is opening its wholesale showroom doors to the public for the holidays!

Cute-ture imports the finest labels in children’s toys and apparel from around the world including Oobi Baby, FLATOUTbears, Minimink Australia, Cocoon Couture and Alimrose Designs.

Our end of season ranges and overstock items will be 50 – 75% off retail for two -days only.

This is a great chance to stock up on your baby shower and holiday gifts for newborns through to 6 year-olds. For a sample of goods visit Cute-ture will also be selling products by Riley Burnett jewelry at below wholesale.

On Sale TWO DAYS only (and for the first time in three years)!

Dowtown Los Angeles
155 West Washington Blvd (corner of Hill)
Suite 1115
Los Angeles, CA, 90015

Friday, December 12th
Saturday , December 13th
9.00am to 5.00pm or until we sell out of product.

Cute-ture’s customers include Nordstrom, Kitson, Fred Segal, Calypso, Love and Neiman Marcus and is known for its celebrity fans including Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Hugh Jackman and Sarah Jessica Parker. Cute-ture’s products have been featured in Architectural Digest, Cookie Magazine, Parents Magazine, TV Guide, Daily Candy, Home and Garden and Newborn & Pregnancy Magazine.

Phone: 310 864 2187 or 323 737 0388

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Original FLATOUTbear makes the hot list in Philly

Three years ago when a little teddy bear inspired me to start Cute-ture, I had no idea of how quickly my dream would take off. Now three years and 2000 stores later, the adorable and original FLATOUTbear is still tugging at heart strings - particularly those of infants and toddlers. My brand new niece Lucy Rose has one and my nephew Jude is the proud owner of three!

I was so excited when one of the stores that carries our lines emailed to let us know the FLATOUTbear was back in the news - this time featured in the holiday hot list in Philadelphia Magazine.

So today I celebrate all that is fluffy! Thanks Philly.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Organic Rugrats

Do you remember when organic clothing started getting more popular but it was all the same calico color? At first we loved it - the idea, the reasons and the product but then like everything we wanted it to be more. More designs, more color, more pattern, more elaborate.

Well now its brights and patterns everywhere and I have started to miss the basic-ness of organics in their original form - simple and clean.

Minimink Australia which is famous for their faux fur rugs and wraps for babies, realised that they needed to get more organic in their approach and a year ago added an organic clothing line, organic blankets as well as new environmentally friendly packaging.

The longer we have had the range, the more I love the simpleness of their clothing! The outfits could be for boys or girls and are just simple basic pieces in original organic colors that are soft and comfortable (and adorable).

I think with the days of excess quickly falling behind us, a return to organic in its original form is just what the doctor (or stylist) ordered!

Minimink Organic Clothing is available at great retailers across the globe!

Ask your baby store if they stock it - and if not, find it on our site

Friday, November 21, 2008

I Twilighted

A few weeks ago I got caught up in the hype of Twilight (a book series I have not read) and went online and bought tickets for the midnight opening screening. I had been listening to Ryan Seacrest's morning show and enjoying his daily reading from the books and amusement at them and somehow I got sucked in.

So last night, Joey and I battled to stay awake until 11.00pm when we ventured out - only to find no traffic, no coffee shops open and 45 minutes to kill while we waited and tried to stay awake for the screening. It soon became apparent that the Twilight hype was led by the hormones of teenage girls who were all there SO EXCITED about the movie. I have been to many screenings, premieres and events and this was the first time ever that I recall having so many young women around just elated about a movie. Sure Harry Potter had a following but its not quite the same as a full audience of teenage girls all dreaming out loud about Edward (the vampire).The sighs, excitement and giggling as we waited for the movie to start, got me all geared up and ready for the 2 hours and 10 minutes ahead, but apparently had a different effect on my husband who promptly went to sleep.

The movie started so I gave Joey a soft elbow and asked if we wanted me to wake him up and he said no and went back to sleep. So there I was, alone with a few hundred teens and Twilight. Drum roll please.......

I absolutely LOVED IT!!!! It was sweet, funny and compelling and I would watch it again in a heart beat.

So today, I have gone and bought the books and am officially a fan! After I bought the books at the mall, I sat down to eat my lunch and start reading and sat next to a lovely lady who asked me about the books. We both agreed that any books that get so many young people interested in reading are a great thing. So that said, if you know of any other great books that are a must read please let me know! Of course they will have to wait until after I finish the Twilight series!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Give the Gift of a Crocodile

The holidays are fast approaching and with the economy on the slide and each of us becoming more aware of the effects of climate change, wars, poverty and hunger, there has never been a better time to buy a crocodile and can of worms as a gift.

What you ask?
Okay – so if a crocodile for mom and a can of worms for your nephew are not quite your style, how about a spinning wheel or a pair of oxen.

Tracey has lost her mind I hear you say….

This year, my family are going to get some of the funkiest and fun presents I have ever sent and it will all be in the name of helping others. The incredible team at OxFam have come up with the most interesting items that will help others around the world.

Here is what a crocodile, can of worms, two oxen and spinning wheel provide - click here to visit Oxfam Unwrapped.

Raise a Crocodile:
It's not for everyone, but it's a gift that's got some bite! Help raise a crocodile in areas where the caiman population has been depleted. This resilient reptile is more than just a jaw-gnashing croc; it also provides ecological and economic benefits—as well as food!

Can of Worms:
Here's one can of worms that friends and loved ones sure won't mind opening! More than a can, our pound of worms provides farmers with an indispensable tool for cultivating their land. Not only do these squirmy creatures produce fertilizer, but they also break down organic compounds in the earth and enrich land for farming. Now that's a gift that should worm its way into anyone's affections.

The Oxen:
A mighty gift! Legend has it that Paul Bunyan's ox dug the Grand Canyon. Imagine what Paul might have accomplished with two! With a pair of oxen to cultivate their land, small farmers can increase their yields from 200 to 400 percent. And they can rent their animals at a reasonable cost to other farmers. Oxen reduce the time women spend doing manual labor—like tilling fields and hauling water—and allow families the time and space to diversify their crops. Sound like a tall tale? It's not: it's a larger-than-life gift.

Spinning Wheel:
Help women spin themselves a better future! The gift of a spinning wheel is an important way to help women make a living. Used to spin fibers for crafting baskets and rugs, this gift makes spinning more efficient and consistent, which reduces women's workloads and also means higher quality products to sell.

So get whacky and feel wonderful this Christmas for changing a life.

Monday, November 17, 2008


For some reason I love cows. I know that sort of sounds strange but I spent my early years on a farm and I have fond memories of a calf suckling on my fingers waiting desperately for its milk bottle which was given by hand. I remember attaching the milking contraption to the cows teats in a gorgeous old barn while they munched away on the grains they were fed. I had no idea then that the farm I was on, was something that would now be described as eco-friendly! The cows spent all day in the fields and came in every morning and afternoon to be milked before heading back out into the rolling green acres they roamed on. There wasn't any chemicals used, the feed was natural and vegetarian and the animals were often named and treated with respect.

So with all that in my past and the memories stored away in the happy part of my brain, I just had to share this gorgeous cuddle toy with you from Alimrose Designs. It's part vintage, super cuddly and all cow! And his name is Angus (which technically I guess makes him a bull but cow's are much less scary).

The minute I saw Angus, it was love at first sight and given that in this day and age, many kids don't know where milk comes from (yes not a bull...), I think a little farm life in the nursery and play room is essential. So snuggle on up and love a cow!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Unconditional Love

I saw a headline today in the news that really disturbed me. I was eating my lunch looking at news headlines and on reading ‘teenagers kicked kitten like football’, I literally lost my appetite and felt sick. I couldn’t even bring myself to read the story as it broke it my heart.

For anyone who knows Cute-ture or me, you know that children, animals and people are what matters to me. My previous father-in-law once described me as being too compassionate which I don’t think is possible. When you open your heart and love without expectation or condition it comes back to you three-fold and that is so amazing.

Only this morning, I was talking to my husband about how incredible our cats are. For very little in return, they offer so much love and companionship which is a natural stress reducer and absolutely precious. All animals have feelings and wear their hearts on their sleeves in a way all of us human beings could learn from. If we only learnt to love back so unconditionally like animals do, then this world would be a very different place – a much better one.

Those people who committed such a heinous act on an animal for fun deserve to be punished to the full extent of the law. I just hope that one day they may find love in their hearts and learn that all life is precious and valuable. For each hater converted to love, we are one step closer to peace.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Holidays - So much to say thank you for

I LOVE the holiday season. I love the decorations, music and the energy that is created by all the kids counting down the days until they get those wonderful gifts! I love seeing family and this year I get the bonus of my mother coming to visit from Australia (and see my house for the first time). I love dressing my house up like a Hollywood pooch - ribbons, garlands and a tree with flashing lights and I love eating way to much on Thanksgiving and then falling asleep in the armchair in the afternoon in a food coma. I love waking up to pancakes on Christmas morning and seeing the neighborhood kids out on their new bicycles or playing with their new balls.

With all the negative news and terrible job losses this year, its time we give ourselves a break and remember all the reasons we enjoy this life so much. There is so much to be thankful for and I am loving every day as I choose my path forward.

When I started Cute-ture, it was to have something of my own that enabled me to set the rules and live by the values that matter to me. It was to have a company that put people first (especially the little one's) and that cared about the future. It was to provide a place where I could create, laugh and work in a way that was open and enjoyable. I am blessed to have my family behind me and my husband on board as my co-pilot. And I blessed everyday to have children playing with our toys and wearing our clothing while knowing that in doing so - we have been able to help those that can't afford to buy new toys and wear new clothes.

So today - in a day of more market drops and anxiety - I challenge you to write down what you are thankful for and sing it out loud. We are all in it together and while I may not know you personally I am here for you. Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Organic backyard equals delicious!

One of my greatest pleasures over the last twelve months has been having a backyard large enough to have a full organic garden underway. We have enjoyed our own carrots, beets, tomatoes, cilantro and peppers as well as many other delicious organic herbs. It is a daily pleasure for both my husband and I to go out and collect what we need from our garden rather than the store. Not to mention how much the environment is thanking us for cutting back on all the gas needed to drive back and forth from the store!

We live in Los Angeles which is extremely traffic overloaded so have worked to set our lives up to minimize our traffic time and lessen the impact on our environment. Having our own garden is a start as is shopping locally for local grown organic food.

One of the other pleasures I have discovered in our neighborhood is the Farmers Market which has all of the wonderful organic produce that I can add to my own home grown assortment when cooking. When we moved into our home, we didn’t know where to find a Farmers Market and through searching online I found this incredible site that locates your local market anywhere in the USA.

So if your backyard (or gardening skills) don’t allow for much homegrown produce - check out your local farms, farmers markets, groceries and restaurants through Local Harvest. Bon Appetit!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Red and Blue States...lets make them green!

While I may be passionate as a blue voter, and you may agree or not and be a passionate red voter – I think today, on the day of election – we should all join together and support the USA as green!

I for one am happy to finally be free of the political advertisements, papers and constant bombardment of Obama v Mc Cain. No matter what happens at the end of today – we will have a new President and hopefully a fresh new agenda for this country to move forward.

So with the election underway – its important to regroup and focus and the other thing that is just as important IF NOT more important and that is our environment and the future.

We have been adding gorgeous eco friendly ‘green’ products to the Cute-ture collection from day one and my personal favorite is our Cheeky Squirrel bookends.

Made of eco friendly plantation wood and coated in non-toxic varnish (in recycled cardboard boxes), the Cocoon Couture bookend collection looks as stylish in your kids room as it does in your own. I just used the bookends in my bedroom and they are divine.

Being green is so much easier than you think (not just as a consumer). To make your life a little more green just add one greener activity every day. Whether it is changing from using your dishwasher from use after every meal, to just once a day, or making sure you recycle all of your plastics and papers – each and every step counts. Free-range eggs may cost that little bit extra and I know budgets are tight but think about the benefit – healthier eggs for you to eat, less pain to an animal and more need for good farming practices that benefit everyone. Each bit counts.

If nothing else, don’t leave the water running when brushing your teeth! We are constantly reviewing and working on excelling at being green in our office and I am always open to new idea’s! Inspire me and challenge me and lets ensure that the future of either the red,white and blue matters to all of us that live green.

Friday, October 31, 2008

No on Prop 8

This is a long way off my Cute-ture business but it was sent to me from one of my dearest friends and I believe his words are poignant and worth sharing. For my Aussie friends - Prop 8 is a proposition on the California ballot that voters can overturn by voting yes. Currently gay and lesbian's can marry under Californian law and have the same rights as any other married couple. Prop 8 has been put on the ballot to try and overturn that right.

From My Friend.

With only a few days left to election day, I can’t help by wonder why there are so many good, honest people backing Prop 8 - you know, the constitutional amendment in California to prevent state recognition of gay marriage.

I fully understand where they are coming from. I grew up the son Baptist missionaries – good, honest parents intent on serving God. I graduated from Liberty University (Jerry Falwell’s school in Lynchburg, VA), a place filled with good, honest people trying to make the world a better place. Like my good honest friends from the religious right, I also want to settle down and build a life with one special person – to get married, one of the most important rights in society. However, in my case the only honest, loving marriage I could have would be with another man. I am gay - obviously, not by choice, as anyone from a similar background can attest. I would like to think that I am still a good, honest person. I love my family, work hard at my job, pay my taxes, try to be honest with everyone, and still believe in the treating others as I would like to be treated. I love my parents deeply, and it still breaks my heart to see my mother cry because she fears that she won’t see me in heaven. While I hope that my parents will some day change, and they hope that I will someday change, we have, in our own way, come to recognize that we have to love and accept each other for who we are. I get it – my parents, along with many other good, honest people, firmly believe that being gay (or acting on it) is a sin - and that, before God, marriage is a bond between a man and a woman. But I don’t see how that should translate into denying me and the one I love the right to marry under civil laws.

Americans pride themselves in being a tolerant nation. The now famous (or infamous, depending on your viewpoint) Sarah Palin recently said that some nations (presumably some of the nations under Islamic law) hate the United States because of our tolerance. But what Sarah and the religious right don’t seem to understand is that, while the predominant religions in the US may be less strict on non-believers than strict adherence to Islamic law, what makes a nation tolerant is not the tolerance of the religious beliefs of its majority, but the willingness of its people and government to separate religion from legislation - and to legislate without discrimination based on moral/religious views.

History is full of good honest people who have missed this concept. According to the Bible, good honest people in Old Testament times believe it was ok (and in fact, God’s mission) for them to kill all of the heathens in surrounding lands. Good honest Christians during the middle ages thought they had God’s blessing (and were doing God’s will) by killing Muslims. Good honest American puritans thought it was God’s will for them to burn suspected "witches”. Good honest Americans during the Civil War fought to preserve their God-given right to own slaves, and were willing to kill other good honest Americans in the process. Good honest people in Germany in the 1930’s and early 40’s thought it was ok to discriminate against Jewish people on a national level. Not that long ago, good honest Americans were willing to legislate prohibitions on interracial marriages, and those people firmly believed God was on their side. And today, there are countries in the world where good honest people have adopted Islamic laws that we see as violating basic human rights, but that they see as being fully justified based on moral/religious imperatives. While we can look at these as examples of intolerance, in each case those good honest people that we see as being intolerant believed they were acting in the best way to please God (or their relevant equivalent) and preserve their society.

For those looking to vote yes on Prop 8, please stop to think about tolerance. Are you in favor of Prop 8 because it is necessary to preserve any particular rights you may enjoy? If so, which rights (because I honestly don’t see how Prop 8 preserves or protects anyone’s rights)? Or are you in favor of this because you feel society should adhere to your religious/moral views? If so, aren’t you being an example of the same intolerance we condemn in others and in our own history? I am not asking for you to change your religious convictions. I am not asking to get married in your Baptist Church or Mormon Tabernacle (just like you are not asking your Jewish friends to get married in their synagogue). But I would like to have the same right that you have before the state to marry the one person I want to spend the rest of my life with. That is the beauty of tolerance. We can disagree on right and wrong before God, but we can also learn to keep that disagreement without legislating discrimination.

It’s not that big a stretch for you. Conservative Christians – you believe that your Mormon and Catholic friends in this campaign, while they may be good honest people, are going to hell unless they accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. Many of your leaders claim that Mormons (and for that matter, Jehova’s Witnesses and various other religious groups) actually are preaching false religions – and in fact, if you read your Bible, it has much more condemnation against those preaching false religion than against my being gay. While strong religious differences (with profound ramifications on views of eternity) exist among virtually all of the various groups involved in this campaign in favor of Prop 8, you have already come to accept that in the civil arena you should all be treated equally as religions – that your tax exemptions before the state should not be based on the whether or not, as a society, we think your religion is right and true in God’s eyes.

If you take your Bible literally, you also may believe that adultery is wrong, or that divorce merely for irreconcilable differences is wrong, or that marriage outside of your faith is wrong – but yet you have come to accept that, in these respects, discriminatory laws should not be the means for you to try to get society to agree with your beliefs. You also understand that it is not up to the government or the public schools to teach your religious beliefs – and that, while teachers may explain how laws permit actions you think are wrong morally, that fact is not to form the basis for whether or not the laws exist. For example, you realize that, while schools teach that the constitution protects an individual’s right to burn the flag, that does not mean that the teacher is encouraging the students to go out and burn a flag. You are happy that schools teach students that they should not discriminate against someone based on their religion – and are not threatened by that as encouraging your child to dispute the validity of your particular faith. You know that you are the one responsible for teaching your values to your child – and that the teaching of tolerance in a school is not a reason for you to try to legislate discrimination.

So as a minority in this society where you have a chance to discriminate against me based on our conflicting religious/moral views, please stop to think about what you are doing. You are no less righteous before God if you treat me like you would any other person outside your faith – you can continue to try and convince me to change before God - and I can continue to try and convince you otherwise -- but let's have that discussion outside the legislative arena. Please allow me equal rights under civil laws.

And you know better than to say that, even with Prop 8 I have the equal right to marry a woman -- that's like denying a barren woman the right to adopt by saying she has an equal right to natural childbirth.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Only One Week Left to Decide the Future of the USA

I often debate just how much of my personal beliefs I should ‘advertise’ through my blog, facebook, website and twitter profiles because not all of my friends, clients and vendors necessarily share the same views. That said, I am a huge supporter of the first amendment right of free speech and feel that everyone deserves to have their voice heard regardless of whether I agree with them or not. While I am extremely fortunate to have had a great education and two parents with a strong set of values to guide me that not everyone has had that privilege and many people are still debating which candidate is the best choice for them – so with that in mind, I offer my thoughts on the next President of the USA.

While certainly no candidate is perfect, I believe that Barack Obama is the right choice for Cute-ture, for my family and for my country. Why?

I guess first of all understand my politics – put people first (as in all human beings regardless of immigration status, income, job security etc)

1. The Health System in America is an embarrassment. Having grown up in Australia where our taxes ensure all Australians are covered for medical care, I have never been able to comprehend the unfair and overpriced system in America, which leaves so many people without healthcare and vulnerable to bankruptcy and/or painful conditions that remain untreated, as they don’t have coverage. This is outrageous. 19 million women alone are uninsured in this country! Obama has made this his priority from the beginning of his campaign and understands their needs to be a fundamental shift away from the existing system.

2. Taxes – I get a tax break under Obama’s policy and when I earn enough to be a higher tax bracket – I will be happy to pay higher taxes because I have the core belief that those who can – should help those with less. People first always. One of the things that worries me about McCain is that he continually offers more breaks and more spending but doesn’t explain where he will raise money to pay for it. Obama gets it – you can’t offer to do more without looking at how you will pay for it. Barack Obama's tax plan delivers broad-based tax relief to middle class families and cuts taxes for small businesses and companies that create jobs in America, while restoring fairness to our tax code and returning to fiscal responsibility. Coupled with Obama's commitment to invest in key areas like health, clean energy, innovation and education, his tax plan will help restore bottom-up economic growth that helps create good jobs in America and empowers all families achieve the American dream.

3. Education – the future is all about people. What people can create, change and inspire to make our future safer, stronger and secure. Obama has been the only candidate talking about education and the need to set high standards for our schools and give them the resources they need to succeed. Better pay for teachers, more teachers and more accountability – isn’t that what every parent wants! Add the technology elements – broadband lines across all of America and investment in scientific research and he offers this country a future in its people.

Please vote – no matter whom you support – and ensure your voice is heard.

Click on the calculator and see what Obama’s plan means for you. Also visit to see where he stands on things that matter to you.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pears + Bears seriously cute

Tradeshows are exhausting and a necessity for those of us in the wholesale trade but one of the things I love about them, is the chance to see new and innovative designers that inspire me with their gorgeous concepts and designs.

One of the designers I have had my eye on is Kayce Hughes who designs a line called Pears + Bears. It is simple, beautiful and absolutely delightful. My favorite thing – is she also designs women’s clothing, which means that while I can enjoy her line of children’s clothing as a peer– I can actually wear her women’s line! And (even though I want to keep this to myself) she does amazing sales through her online site And in this economy – who doesn’t love an online sale.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Keeping Children Safe

Over the years, I have heard discussion through the media on what is the right time to make a call to report what you ‘think’ may be happening to a school child you are teaching, to a child you hearing screaming next door or to a child of a school mate who seems to always be injured or bruised. I always thought it would be easy to know when to do this but the reality is that I didn’t.

Having moved into a new neighborhood less than a year ago, we met all our new neighbors and made friends but occasionally would hear some children nearby being screamed at and hearing sounds that sounded like hitting. These children are 2 and under (3 kids in total). My father had heard this when visiting, my husband and I had heard it a number of times and some of our house guests had heard it and we all talked about our concerns but none of us actually saw anything so didn’t know how concerned to be.

The dilemma was – do you report something you assume may be happening without having actually seen it. I also should add, it didn’t sound like a little smack on the bottom but hitting over and over. Now, this may sound easy to you but when you are a neighbor and new to a neighborhood you want to think the best of those around you and without actually seeing abuse, you question what it is you are hearing and what really may be happening.

I remember one time when I was in college that I came home during a burglary. Somehow I walked in and managed to justify the mess in the house, the missing DVD player and the gate being opened for a few hours – until I saw the window missing when I opened the freezer (looking for donuts) and found it in there. Then the light went on in my head and I realised we were being robbed.

One of our houseguests finally did see the truth and witnessed one of the children being beaten and called Social Services. When she told me I was appalled that these poor children were being hurt and also upset about why I hadn’t done anything earlier. It has played on my mind ever since.

So today – I urge you to believe your concerns even when they are not solid. If nothing is going on, then let an expert figure that out. Make the call and help keep children safe.

If you suspect child abuse please call (in the USA):

1- 800- 4- A- Child
(1- 800- 422- 4453)

Or call Social Services in your area.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Starring Tracey and Joey

We are so excited that this weekend - our spot on the show Christopher Lowell's Work That Room is airing on the Fine Living Network. The release below is from the Network about this weekends show. East Coast viewing 6pm on Saturday and West Coast viewing 3pm Saturday (October 4). For those in Australia - stay tuned to see it on our website in the next week.

Bringing Back the 'Hood
While many couples are content living in new homes in the suburbs, there are others who prefer the idea of inner-city revitalization. And that is the case with Joey and Tracey, whose dream home came in the form of a dilapidated Victorian in an urban neighborhood. Now with the adoption of their first child imminent, they want to complete their renovation of the main entry and living room. Host Christopher Lowell explores a hotel that mixes old tradition with modern flair and suggests the same style for the couple's home. He and his design team then transform the space into one that honors the home's Victorian roots while giving it a hipper feel.


Viceroy Santa Monica

From the makers of HGTV and Food Network, Fine Living Network is available nationwide on DirecTV channel 232 and DISH Network channel 113, and on local digital cable.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Save the Koala

I am back in Australia at the moment touring the country to see potential filming locations and meeting with various people from within the industry as I go. Its quite exhausting given the sheer size of the Australia and the limited time frame in which we are trying to do it.

I started the trip with a week of meetings in Sydney, presentations and functions before heading to Perth and Adelaide with my tour of duty leader, Caroline. We managed to spend an average 6 -7 hours driving per day over 2 weeks with only brief breaks for quick photographic snaps of whatever looked particularly interesting. Western and South Australia made me realize very quickly that given all that time traveling by road and air that we barely scratched the surface of those states let alone the entire country.

My favorite part of the journey has been seeing all the amazing pink and grey galahs, cockatoo’s, kangaroo’s, wallabies, emus and camels that make Australia so unique. I was desperate to find a koala on the journey and having had no success spent some time this morning looking up information on how to find a koala.

Unfortunately it will not be an easy task but I did find a great website that made me realize why. It seems they are disappearing at an alarming rate. Given the size of Australia’s land mass is similar the USA, to discover we only have 100,000 koala’s left when we used to have millions of the fluffy little marsupials, is devastating. I had no idea that they were endangered or under that much threat!

So fine friends of mine, I challenge you do something to help the cutest bear in the world. It doesn’t mean anything drastic or giving away your child’s college fund, but it does mean sharing the information and doing something if you can (such as for my Aussie buddies – making sure they talk to kids about this at school and perhaps donate money to Save A Koala raised at a local fete).

Learn more about our adorable koalas at and don’t wait until it is too late to help. How sad it would be for us all if we manage to lose one of our most special animals.

Photo courtesy of:

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Little Kidman/Urban is a FLATOUTbear fan

Last week one of my friends told me some wonderful news! She Chairs an organization in Los Angeles called Australians in Film and they had bought a FLATOUTbear from us to give to Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban for their new arrival – daughter Sunday Rose. Nicole is one of the organizations ambassadors and they knew I would be thrilled to hear about her thank-you note that reads as follows:

“To all at Australians in Film, thank you, thank you for the gorgeous gift. We had honestly been looking for a flat bear so we were thrilled to receive one!”

As you may know FLATOUTbears are Australian flat teddy bears made from shearling and have become a hit in the USA. Its lovely to know that our countries other exports – Nicole and Keith – will have a little piece of Australia for their daughter. Nicole goes on to say in the note, “We are in awe of our little baby girl! I look forward to seeing you all soon when we get in gear for Australia (the movie)”.

Well Nic and Keith – we are in awe of you too! Thank you for the lovely note!


Monday, July 28, 2008

Celebrity Fix

I am not really sure why but I seem to be getting my 15 minutes of celebrity fix lately! From De Niro and Pacino last week at my house to Seal at the gym and a hot tub with the all so fabulous Carson Kressley this week. Its really just to much!

I have started working out with a trainer during the week and have been going to the special 'trainer' gym in West Hollywood where the most amazing people get all sweaty! I don't really recognise them but that is my trainers job - along with pushing past my complaining! He keeps me going while letting me know the fabulous person running for their life on the treadmill is none other than Katherine McPhee of American Idol fame or Seal (both working out very hard let me tell you). It really makes my pain during work outs feel a little less sharp knowing that those fit celebrity bodies are made from hard work and not a birthright.

Then on the weekend, Joey and I went to a friends house for a dip in the pool and suddenly I am enjoying the most amazing peach sangria which was hand delivered while I am sitting in the hot tub by the 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's' (along with 'Crowned' and 'How to Look Good Naked') very own Carson Kressley. He is a close friend of our friend Brett and was such a great guy and totally the life of the party and a charming host.

It still amazes me almost 5 years into life in LA that this seems to happen so regularly! I have to remember to pack some great Cute-ture products into the car to whip out at the gym for Heidi and Seal next time! Nothing like a bit more motivation to work out.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hanging Out with De Niro and Pacino

"What?" I hear you say....Well yes.

As you may know Joey and I bought a renovator in LA and things have been going pretty well. Dad has visited and done his share of work with Cute-ture and in the gardens (come back soon Pops), we managed to get onto a reality show "Change That Room with Christopher Lowell" which airs this weekend and now we are graced with the presence of two legends - Robert (Bob to his friends) De Niro and Al Pacino who are hanging out in our living room while they make a movie in our street. Somehow we managed to get our house picked as the green room for these incredible actors so they can hang out between shots.

But even more exciting (for me anyway) they are using my husband as a Detective in tonight's shoot. So both my house and husband are working with Pacino and De Niro. Whooo haaaa!

So in dedication to my brush with celebrity today - I thought the product of the week should be the Space Hopper! Why - because its fun, bright and absolutely matches my fun mood with all that is going on. So jump on up and grab a pair and race around your block. Now if Robert De Niro and Al Pacino had a space hopper race who do you think would win.....

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm Nearly 3!

I was so lucky to get back to Australia recently on a work trip and get to spend a little bit of time catching up with family. I was so excited about seeing my 2-year old nephew Jude!

I went to my brother Julian's house and as his wife Davina and Jude arrived back from getting some groceries I went up to the car and our conversation went something like

Tracey: Hi Jude
Jude: Hi Tracey (I was so happy he remembered me from 6 months before)
Tracey: I can't believe how much you have grown
Jude: (indignant look on face followed by a sigh) Well I'm almost 3!!!! (walks past me with hands on hips)
Julian: Jude give your aunty a hug.
Jude: (looks at me and decides) Oh.. Ok. (Hug is given though not sure I am forgiven for thinking he is a little 2-year old)

It was a nice reminder for me that children even as young 2 (or as old as nearly 3) have their own mind set on their place in the world. Jude and I had a lot of fun - he beat me on Wii Bowling, I read him about 18 books in a row until my brother rescued me from the marathon session I had unknowingly committed to, we shared some cheese and mostly I did what I was told!

It really motivated me to think about what children in those early years are seeing, feeling and thinking and to look at new products in terms of how a child can be inspired by them. Our Oobi Baby line falls beautifully into that category as do the FLATOUTbears which are still my 'nearly 3-year old' nephews favorite lovies. Our new season will hopefully not only attract the eyes of mums and dads but also the decision makers (yes the nearly 3-year-olds who are picking what they want to wear!)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sunny Side Up - Little Hats

I don't think anyone would argue that there is anything cuter than a toddler running around in the backyard during summer under the sprinkler in their swimsuit/underwear/diaper/bare butt! That joyous laughter and love of something so simple is just precious.

But nothing is worse that sunburn on that perfect skin either - so with summer approaching its time to be armed with the sunscreen and the perfect summer hat for your little one's. In Australia we have a song that I remember from when I was a little girl that they still use today "SLIP SLOP SLAP"

It went something like this:

Slip, slop, slap

SLIP on a shirt
SLOP on sunscreen and
SLAP on a hat

Slip, slop, slap
In the midday summer sun

Slip, slop slap!

I am sure my Aussie compatriots and reading this and have the tunes in their heads as they read those words.

I was so excited when Oobi Baby bought out an adorable range of hats for this summer. They have full brims and a toggle cord which fits under the chin to keep the hat on as they run around and play. Best of all - they are a sturdy cotton and you can throw them in the wash.

So protect those perfect little faces. Available at wonderful children's boutiques across the country including

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl

In a much better version of the reality show ‘Trading Spouses’ my mother and I have traded husbands for a few weeks. My dad is in Los Angeles visiting while my husband is staying with my mother in Australia for his acting career and I feel so spoiled because I get my daddy all to myself!!!

Every day I leave home for work after a run to Home Depot, so that we can get materials for my father who is working on our home renovations during the day. Then later he helps me pack orders and figure out what we need to the do the next day. How brilliant is that.

So in dedication to my dad, I have been searching for the perfect item for my father (even thought its Mothers Day this weekend) and this is what I have found.

Dad Appreciation Cookie Bouquets! After a big day in the yard and then the warehouse I think my dad would love these themed cookies. The slogans are perfect “Hard Working Dad” and “Cool Dad Zone” and they are baked fresh every day.

The Dick Hoyt story is another reason to love dads. Knowing my father, I have no doubt that he would do the same for my brothers and I so I seriously think a story like this is worth taking the time to read.

Finally – for new dads, there is now enough great stuff out there that you can still look like a man while taking your child out in public – you don’t have to push the stroller with a floral diaper bag and pink bottle. Companies like Diaper Dude are making cool stuff and changing an industry that needed some fresh approaches to product.

Diaper Dude

Dad – thanks so much. I love you.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Reading Green

I love reading. There just isn't enough time in the day to read as much as I would like, but when I do get the time, it feels like a little luxury that I just melt into.

I get lost in books and love the worlds that they can take me too - and it doesn't matter whether its fiction, non fiction, children's stories or a newspaper. They all are very special to me - after all I grew up in a family that would all sit down together for a meal with reading material in hand (even if it was the cereal box!)

Hence, I have plenty of books and am already collecting delightful children's books for our future child! That is why I love the book ends from Cocoon Couture!

These delightful book ends come in a choice of Early Bird or Cheeky Squirrel designs (I have both in my children's bookcase) and they are beautifully crafted cut out designs with the simplicity of the wood grain allowing them to shine.

They are made from environmentally friendly ply wood from plantation forests; beautifully finished with non toxic varnish safe for children and the environment and they come in adorable recycled cardboard packaging!

Best of all - they will be available for sale next month at Cute-ture and in the best children's boutiques in the USA!

P.S. If you have a book that you love - let me know so I can add it to my list of reading material!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Is Everybody Pregnant??

I recently made the bold statement to my staff, "what is everybody pregnant now" after hearing that another one of my friends has very happily been declared knocked up.

It literally has been 12-months in my life where all my girlfriends are getting the wonderful news that their family is growing. While I realise that it is most likely my age (mid 30's is obviously the time) and its exactly what I need for a business based on baby products, it has come as such a surprise to so many friends pregnant at the same time.

I called one friend yesterday who is on bed rest hoping that junior won't arrive until the weekend, then my husband checked in to see if we can go this weekend to visit his sister who is due next month, and then tonight my sister in law calls to let me know number 2 is on its way! All in three days.

While none of this is actually very unusual really, it has been a little bit awkward at times - and mostly for my friends, who knowing how much Joey and I have been through to try and get our family started, stumble over how to tell us they are pregnant.

So I thought my blog may be the best way to share how this feels especially for those of you who find yourself in either position.

I am THRILLED to have those I love happy - and extra excited that I will have a new baby to spoil rotten even if its not my own (actually I think I would be a strict mum so its much better to go crazy on my friends babies and buy them loads of toys and clothing). Definitely, it makes me reflect on my own situation but never does it interfere with my happiness for those who are sharing their special news. It just makes me even more anxious to be the one to share that news someday soon too.

So in answer to my own question - no not everybody is pregnant. But I for one, am very happy to be surrounded by those that are and share in their joy and futures. This is one Aunty that you want around!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Real Coffee in Downtown Los Angeles

Cute-ture recently moved our offices to downtown Los Angeles in the fabulous old International Mart. On the 11th floor we have incredible views of downtown and a loft space that gives us great warehousing and a showroom in a funky space.

And while our new Cute-ture location was amazing on its own, a weekend stop at a salad bar near our office, led us to Café Corsa, a recently opened coffee shop that simply has the best coffee in Los Angeles. I have been describing it since as my ‘new piece of heaven on earth’.

Joey and I are huge Urth Café fans (the other great coffee place in LA) but since moving into our new home and office downtown, it was too much of a trek to get there for a regular hot ‘cuppa’ (Australian for coffee – much like the American ‘joe’).
Café Corsa, which recently opened near USC has serious coffee for those who love their coffee like they love their books and arts (or wine).

The Downtown News (LA’s Downtown weekly online update) gave rave reviews to Café Corsa and its owner Rick Weiche this week – and as a regular of two days, Rick already knows Joey and I by name!

If our new office isn’t enough, to make us bounce of bed and head to work, now we have the best coffee I have had in the USA right around the corner which on its own, is enough to inspire me for the day ahead!

Café Corsa, 2238 S. Figueroa St., (213) 746-2604 – parking available at meters or in the parking lot at the location.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Its Time to Think Christmas (or other religious or non religious gift giving event....)

Its time to think Christmas (or other religious or non religious gift giving event…)

In the past I have been one of those organized people that actually likes to get my gift giving shopping out of the way 8 months ahead of Christmas. It was a combination of not liking crowded spaces and not shopping under pressure especially when our busiest season in business is December.

I love the holidays so knowing that all I had to do for Christmas was gift-wrap meant I could actually expend my energy on parties and catching up with friends. But even better than getting in any buying gifts early I have been so happy to discover the gift of charity – not only can you do this last minute, but you really feel good about it.

I suggested to my family two years ago that perhaps instead of trying to send gifts across the world in the crazy mail season, that we could forgo the gift wrap (save a tree), not need to use the excess gas (driving to the store, driving for 45 minutes trying to get a parking spot, ship it via a postal van, airline and back to postal van for arrival at our door) and instead find a charity gift for each other that truly reflects how much we love each other.

This year I sent my family the gift of Operation Smile. I figured that when I think of my family, it makes me smile, and hence it truly reflected how I felt.

Throughout the world, Operation Smile volunteers repair childhood facial deformities while building public and private partnerships that advocate for sustainable healthcare systems for children and families. Together, with donations they create smiles, change lives and heal humanity. I couldn’t possibly give my family anything better than this!!

My family was all thrilled to receive this and I was thrilled to receive their gifts of charity as well. Its pretty cool knowing that the gift my little brother gave me for Christmas is providing a small remote villager in China, an annual income he can live off through the sales of the wool that the sheep in my name provides them.

Yes you heard right – my brother gave me a sheep!

I thought it was brilliant though am a little worried how he decided that it reflected his thoughts of me….

But then again the year before I got a goat!

So – get the holiday engines in gear and I challenge you to find the perfect charity gift for your family this year! I wonder where I can get a pig…..

Monday, March 17, 2008

Cute-ture staff spent the weekend working at the Los Angeles Fashion and Gift Market at the California Mart in downtown LA. The venue is normally the home of showrooms but they opened their doors to a handful of selected companies to show our ranges over 4-days.

One of the delights of these shows is meeting other wonderful entrepreneurs who run companies based on the same green and conscious principles that we live by. They inspire me and their wisdom and advice helps us continue to move forward as quickly as we have been.

Two such ladies – Deena Ramadan from an Australian company called Ramalama (pronounced rum-a-lum-a) and Ali Hui from Babu / Jubi based in New Zealand were also showing at the Cal Mart and have the most delightful ranges.

Ali is the most stylish woman and started her company in 2002. A mother and businesswoman, she is a wealth of knowledge on child safety and keeping dangerous chemicals from her product range.

Her baby bed wear and bathroom range is extensive and impressive. Based on neutral colors with a European influence, her sheets are made from 100% cotton using water based bleaching process! This makes them thicker and softer than the average t-shirt style sheets. Her range includes sheet sets, sheet separates, blankets, sleepwear, wraps, clothing, towels and face cloths.

Check out Jubi at:


Ramalama is a beautiful company that features sensible but sexy maternity lingerie and the most amazing diaper bags (I know as I bought one and am proudly using it as my handbag right now). All those pockets make it so much easier to find things in my big bag!

They also have a neutral baby range that modern minded parents will love. Available in Giggles and other stores, I highly recommend her bags!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What a Week (aka media frenzy)

I won’t cover the weekend again since I have already blogged on about it, but I have to say what a week! In short….

Our FLATOUTbears were featured on the Montel Williams show where he had a good laugh about them and said “they do things differently in Australia”. Well Mr. Williams – yes we do!

Then I was interviewed on The Creative Mind. A radio show hosted by Eric Spencer on this very blog. To listen to the segment visit his site:

The Oobi Baby range was featured on The Insider with Joey styling the 3-year star at the store Petite Tresor in West Hollywood. She was absolutely darling in red (just like all those grown up girls at the Oscars).

And finally…..we were chosen by a wonderful show for a room renovation for the Fine Living Network, which will happen next month.

Throw in a photo and quotes on page 7 & 8 in the Hollywood Reporter (with my co-panelists talking about Australia) at ShoWest and that rounds out a busy week!!

Did I mention I was in Los Angeles, New York City and Las Vegas as well….

Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Warrior

It is hard to believe that in the last 36 hours I have been from Los Angeles to New York to Las Vegas and back to Los Angeles and managed to not feel stressed about any of it. I know for some people that sounds terribly glamorous and I would love to play that up for you... BUT the truth is it was not entirely planned that way and now I am exhausted and ready to go to bed!

On Friday I was due to fly to New York so that I could set up our booth for the ENK Children's Club show. March is the biggest event of the year and armed with Joey and another three workers, we were due to get in late Friday evening ready to get set up the following day. The other four took an earlier flight on Friday and as I had work in LA to finish I was meant to leave on the last afternoon flight. Meant to....

I had raced home to grab my luggage after a very frustrating trip to Staples where I couldn't find a single person on the floor to get me a removable disk drive from a locked cabinet and then after finally talking the person at the register into leaving the long line of people waiting to pay, I was finally out the door and rushing to the house now running late. Once home, the phone started... a messenger dropping our samples in at the show didn't know where to go. I directed him and then he called back as GES wouldn't accept my box. I told him to drop it at my booth. He called back. No one was there so he couldn't leave it. I raced to the computer and called the show organisers who assured me they would accept it. They didn't. To cut a frustrating story short, I then left the house late and hit peak hour on the 405 and 10. Most simply put, I parked on the freeway with my closest million commuters. At that point, I chose to accept my situation and the stress evaporated.

I missed the flight and left 5 hours later on the red eye! So straight off the plane to the show for set up. With the full team on board, we set the stand up and finished at around 10pm. A late dinner and finally sleep at 2am. Up at 7am to finish set up ready for doors opening at 9am! By 1pm I was off and headed back to the airport (after a very successful morning of sales of course) and on my way to Showest in Las Vegas.

I arrived in Vegas late last night and got up early for rehearsals ready for a 9am Australian panel to talk about tax incentives and filming in Australia. By 11am, I was done and packing and heading back to the airport so that I could be home in time for a television show that was coming to our house to consider our renovator for a Room Renovation!

The rest of tonight has been spent getting orders ready for shipment tomorrow and a full day in the office...

So glamorous - I don't think so! But I am not complaining as I have chosen this life and love the returns it gives me. I am ready though for a very good nights sleep!

Oh... the new Oobi Baby and Alimrose Designs samples are AMAZING!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


This morning I picked up one of our new books that has come in and glanced through it. It is a beautifully illustrated hardcover storybook for children and I found that half way through it that I just needed to share it. So I called Joey in and made him (my husband) settle in so I could read him the story.

The book was written by Alison McGhee and illustrated by Peter Reynolds and is a touching journey of a mothers dream for her child. It starts with her simply talking to her baby and then envisioning and sharing her someday dreams for her child.

Quite literally, this simple story has such powerful ode to the potential of love and life that I started to choke up on the last page and then looked up to find my husband teary as well.

I just wished I had ordered more for our store as I think I will be giving a lot of these away to the people I love! Absolutely the most beautiful and moving children’s book I have read this year.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Moving the Fluffy Kids

I have had two wonderful weeks with my father (aka Dad) in town to help us finish moving. It’s only been two months since we bought the new place…so I guess it we were overdue to actually pick up/pack up and get settled.

I had some concerns about moving the two pussycats – Roadie and Bob – as both are rescues that come with loads of hang-ups. With Dad’s help (who is as crazy about animals as I am) we moved them in and they adjusted so quickly I was shocked.

Day one was spent in the bedroom – under the bed for Bob and under the covers for Roadie. Day two – Bob emerged and started his new adventure and every now and then Roadie would pop his head out to see if his nightmare was over.

By day three, they were both on the adventure of a lifetime and the boxes, packaging and furniture were all explored and inspected with new places to hide and play in quickly established.

Dad was sleeping in our new living room, which comes with amazing pocket doors, which Bob has an opinion on. If you close the doors, Bob will stand outside (or inside as the case may be) and mew until you open then. He promptly crosses to the other side and if you close them after him, he turns around and mews to go back through them. Needless to say, we are now all sleeping with doors open.

I found the most adorable cat beds in New York by a company from Vermont called Hepper who make ‘nests’ for cats and dogs. The nests come in a ground version and a stand type version (the stand version reminds me of a space ship taking off). I wanted to buy one then and there however my husband who has more common sense than I when it comes to animals pointed out that my bags were already more than full and I would have to carry it back. Needless to say I have been daydreaming about this cat bed during our recent nights of door mewing kitties and can’t wait to get my Hepper beds.

Check out their site: - simply Cute-ture for pets.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Still FLATOUT in love

Just over two years ago, I saw the cutest teddy-bear ever. Working in the film office, one of my co-workers walked in with a FLATOUTbear and asked if it was something I think celebrities may like. Well forget the celebrities - for me it was love at first site.

Not much later, I was back in Australia for work and had dinner with Prue and Sarah (the most delightful sisters behind the FLATOUTbear) and I liked them almost as much as the FLATOUTbear. Hence the launch of Cute-ture. This was our first product and now with so much more in our stores that I adore, I am still as in love with this adorable teddy as on that first sighting.

In fact, a Milk FLATOUTbear has just made his way onto our bed. I am not really one to have teddy-bears on my bed, but in our new house, with so much going on, and feeling a little overwhelmed with life and very tired, it was the bear (named Lindor) who I chose to add to our bedroom for secret little cuddles between renovations....

Today I went back onto the FLATOUTbear website and was so excited to find my nephew Jude featured! Check out the link on the title and look for Jude and his bear Roadie.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Taxi's across the globe

One of the things I occasionally struggled with in Australia was taxi-drivers that wanted to have a good chat. Now its not that I don’t understand the need for them to chat – its pretty boring sitting in a car all day and the brain goes numb from little interaction, but rather, after getting off a long distance flight or having just had a stressful day in the office, sometimes the last thing you feel like is an in-depth conversation with a person you don’t know in a small space.

Especially when they tell you their politic views which are vastly different from your own – and as a young woman (with a set of strong political views herself), it is a challenging situation to not argue when you are alone in a car with a complete stranger who is passionate about things such as ‘women not working’ (I am not kidding – after a long day, that was one of the topics my cabbie needed to discuss).

So where is my blog going with this– well here in the USA I have discovered a new cab driver – the New Yorker! These one’s don’t actually talk to you but just talk. At first I kept trying to understand what they were saying, and even enquired to be sure they asked me something, only to learn they are immersed in a conversation with some unknown person on the other end of an earphone. This conversation seems quite one way, since there is no break for the person at the other end to be responding.

The airport is a good 45 minutes to an hour from the airport, and Cute-ture takes me to New York 4 – 5 times a year, so after a few years of these taxi rides, I have realized that in fact I don’t have the same cabbie every time but rather there must be some test all cabbies do to see if they can talk non stop for 45 minutes in a mumble without a breath in between.

As for Los Angeles Cabs – well I think there may only be one cab in all of LA…they are very rare to see (not to mention to actually get one) so if you see it – jump in!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

New York, New York

Cute-ture took New York by storm this week, showing our lovely little people's luxuries at the New York Gift Show. The show is known as 17 miles of aisles...Quite overwhelming to the senses! That being said, it is a wonderful place to be inspired, find unique items and shop for one's store!! And happily for us, it seems we inspired and were unique enough to have a very successful show.

Cute-ture was in the Metropolitan Pavilion which we love (so much more than the enormous Javits Center) mostly because there is a great French coffee shop - called Telegraphe Cafe next door which actually makes an extremely good latte. They also have soup and sandwiches and are not at show prices (as in not so overpriced that our entire profit from a $20000 sale is spent on a sandwich for lunch). New York is somewhat known for its coffee but as a coffee snob - I have to tell you, its awfully difficult to find something that an Aussie or Italian would consider drinkable...sorry New York - but your coffee sucks. So finding a 'cuppa' next door at a reasonable price was quite a find indeed.

The other bonus of the Metropolitan Pavilion is that the Container Store is around the corner. For those of you not familiar with doing tradeshows, the biggest winners in the tradeshow business are Ikea and The Container Store where it is cheaper to buy your stand (display cases, bookcases etc) than to rent it from the show organizers. This is an international standard mind you - buy a clothing rack at The Container Store for $30 or rent one at a show for $110....What would you do???

The funny thing about each show we do, is that the little finds we have - such as the cute cupcake containers (found at $1.99 at... The Container Store), to put our handsqueakers in, become as hot an item as the squeakers themselves. I guess that makes us somewhat successful merchandisers and the store must wonder why they have a sudden rush of buyers wanting those funny looking cupcake containers. Last show it was miniature plastic chandeliers that run on batteries which I used to dress up bookshelves turned into little clothing cupboards that were the hot display show item. Inspired indeed.

So New York rocked - and now we are back in LA contemplating shipping all those orders or moving house.... Oh the joys of being snowed under - even if it only snowed once in New York.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cute-ture than my house

After an entire weekend of incredibly heavy rain in Los Angeles, it is great to see some sunshine today. The plan had been to move into our house yesterday....BUT we didn't quite make it. Instead we spent a lovely long weekend (I took Monday off for Australia Day) working to bury our plumbing work in the backyard in torrential rain. I guess that's the only way to do it...mud mud mud.

Then because it looked like to was letting up, we bought some grass seed and Joey was given the task of evenly sprinkling it across the yard. Somehow though, when I went outside to see his hard work, it seems he got a little carried away, and I have grass seed in every garden and surface in the yard. I will have very green grassy gardens!

We continued filling in our Koi Pond with soil to make it our new vegetable garden (also a green grass oasis with the grass seed) and finally we finished putting up the chandeliers in the house. They are beautiful!

Cute-ture is never far from mind though, and Monday morning was spent getting out orders as we prepare for our new Oobi stock - arriving this week and in-stores in two weeks. We have had lots more media requests for samples and I have no doubt Oobi Baby is on its way to be a staple in the 0 - 4 year wardrobe.

Big news - J Lo ordered our Minimink Bears for her twins!!! 16 of them. I cannot wait to see them cuddled up with their Minimink bears. Adorable.

So from celebrity buyers to knee deep in mud - we have it all at the moment!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chaos, Cute-ture and an adorable little red dress

So I realise I have been a little slow on the blog updates but somehow life just got in the way! Between organising a week of film events and having a tradeshow taking place concurrently, I also had Cute-ture to run and a house to renovate. Thankfully two of those things have now finished and life is slowing down to our more normal hectic pace. For about 6 days - I only saw my husband between 11.00pm and 6.00am and most of that was with my eyes closed. I won't even mention how unhappy our two kittens have been and they are now determined to get make up cuddle time.

Cute-ture has been growing at a rate of knots and I am so excited that our new range of Oobi Baby is ordered and on its way to the USA. Cute-ture was featured in Parents Magazine this month - a full page with our Oobi Baby 1950's Party Dress in red, and I just can't wait to get them in stores. They are simply adorable!

The Cute-ture website is about to get a big update with a lot of new product including Australian jewelry that is just incredible. I hand picked $20,000 dollars worth of jewels over the weekend and I just wish I could keep all of it. So beautiful.

And finally - our house renovations continue - photo's coming later in the week...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

I'm SOOO 70's

I am so excited as I have discovered the most delicious bean bags ever!! One our my stores asked me to look into a company called Cocoon Couture from Australia that was in need of a partner in the USA. We did - and my 1970's heart - leapt out and whammo - we are now bringing these delightful vintage inspired (but very modern) bags to the USA. My samples arrived a few days ago and blew my mind!! If only they came in adult size..... Oh that's right - I run a children's company.

Each bean bag cover features quirky critters in vintage fabric applique on pinwale cord colours that blend in with any décor and they also have matching wooden bookends, and a fabulous tree (I wonder what Joey will say when it finds it in our room). They will be up at later this month and in stores across the USA very soon and perhaps a few in our new house as well.....

Funny thing I just have to mention though - beans bags don't really have beans in them but since Joey thought they did - he may get a lentil bag for his birthday!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

You Did What!

It is now January 2nd and I am heading back to work after a week of home renovations - oops I meant holidays.. And I am exhausted! In the space of one week we sanded, stained and varnished the floors of our new house, cut back the garden and put in new plants, rewired a large portion of the out of date wires, knocked out most of the kitchen and moved the previous owners junk and trash out of the house and off the street where it had been placed. And for all that - I managed to also lose just one pound.

I hopped on the scales today - knowing that when I got on them just over a week ago for the first time in many months that they must have been broken. So today I fully expected that surprising number to be about 10 less... And it was only 1 less which means that last year I really did indeed put a whopping 15 pounds on. Ouch. So - having made no resolutions this year, I realised this morning that something had to change. I can no longer live in Los Angeles and pretend I am on holidays. I really live here and I really have to watch my diet.

I have always been a strong proponent of "don't complain, do something about it", and all my excuses of running a company and having no time, just won't cut it. So I packed my gym gear today and at lunch went for a run. It hurt. A lot. But... I feel so much better for it now that its done. No more watching 'The Biggest Loser' while eating my caramel pie. So this year, as well as running Cute-ture, renovating a house and finalising our adoption - I am going to get my butt back into shape. And because I don't believe in doing anything in small ways - I signed up after my 3 mile run for a marathon! 2008 here I come.