Friday, April 6, 2012

A Breath of Fresh Abode Aroma Air!

That's it - pause for a moment and take a deep breath of air.  What do you smell?  Nothing!  You need to spruce up your happy home with some sweet smelling fragrances by Abode Aroma.  This Aussie line has a collection of home fragrance diffusers, soaps and candles - all in delicious fragrances such as: fig, cranberry, ginger pear, lemongrass, oriental spice, basil and eucalyptus, crisp apple, vanilla cream and tangerine vanilla.

Have a look and have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Succulent pear and apple blossom entwined with nuances 
of ginger, nutmeg and sweet, sugary undertones.

Fresh herbaceous notes of basil, rosemary, verbena & 
lavender are touched with juniper, coriander & cinnamon 
and surrounded by precious, woody accord.

A fresh blend of citrus and lemongrass, 
with floral nuances and green elements.

1 comment: said...

i really like abode aroma. I hope I can receive one from a friend.